Moscow experienced an influx of third wave coffee shops. Coffee is perceived slightly different in Russia than it is in America. Coffee in Russia is a drink that helps people socialize and enjoy some leisure time with friends, that’s why some indispensable features of any Russian coffee shop are ample seating area with comfortable leather chairs and couches, nice relaxing music and impeccable customer service. In the US the purpose of a coffee shop is either to serve quality coffee, not necessarily in an amicable environment, or a working space cramped with laptops, again not usually super comfortable. Each has its own pros and cons. I find it hard to work in Russian coffee shops, they just turn you into this lazy coffee lover, who savors every sip and indulge in people watching.

This is the list of my favorite places in Moscow, where you can attempt to do some work or experience the truly oriental way of coffee drinking. And here is the map to make your Moscow coffee adventure a bit easier. 

West 4 – cute little coffee shop, inspired by New York streets. It tries its best to create New York atmosphere while catering to Russian customers. The coffee is strong and the ambience resembles the one in West Village coffee shops.

LES – This quaint coffee spot hosts coworking space on the second floor. Apart from excellent cup of espresso they also offer fresh sandwiches and mix of american, italian and french pastry.

Black Cooperative – not really a coffee place but a small corner next to the bar, that serves coffee only in take away cups. Great coffee, friendly customer service, fashionable and young crowd.

Double B – a fast developing chain of minimal style coffee shops all around Moscow. Carefully curated concept and impeccable quality of coffee. The only downside is biting prices and no wifi connection, so presumably they aim for this connoisseur, coffee experts brand image.

Good Enough – typical brunch and coffee spot that you can easily confuse for a similar place in New York or London. The atmosphere is highly creative and great to get some work done. Gets pretty crowded on the weekends, but it is very much expected from a place like this – they serve coffee as a social drink and help get people together, thus it is a tiny space with lots of smiling faces.

OMG Coffee –  chill place to spend weekend afternoon in. Also serves delicious food. Coffee is top notch and the atmosphere is very cozy and relaxing. 

Even though the number of coffee shops in Moscow does not stand comparison to New York coffee scene, you won’t see crazy crowds here, it is relatively quiet, the music is slow and relaxing, there is always a table for you, a plug for your charger and a super comfy leather chair to sit on – and that makes Moscow ten times more liveable for me.