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I like to go to movies alone. I always try to make sure there is one empty seat right next to me so that I don’t get distracted. I don’t always succeed with my seating choice. In fact, most of the time I fail miserably.

If it is a great movie, that sucks you in with an emotional storyline, the task is easier, because you stop caring about the surrounding noises. But even with the best movies, I often find myself dreaming, taken out of the cinematographic trance.

I like to catch the moments of truth. When an actor raises his head and you catch a glimpse of the real person. Perhaps, he remembered his life behind the cameras, his wife or kids, the evening at the sunlit terrace, laughs and giggles, red wine and burnt ginger cookies, the sunset and sudden drops of rain on his forehead. Those moments are fleeting, but if you pay attention, every movie, no matter how great it is, has these moments.

These moments interrupt all the mockery and play. No movie, no plot, no one’s masterful acting can truly portray the astonishing, fascinating reality of life. Real life permeates every matter, it buzzes, whispers and twitters in the back of our minds, it throws flashbacks of memories into our consciousness and constantly reminds us about her superiority.

And it is not just the actors in the movie but people in the theatre that make the movie unbearable to watch. From my seat, I can see a girl comfily resting her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder. I wonder why they are here, this cold Sunday morning, and not in the warm bed?” The guy right next to me checks his phone – “Is he as distracted by real life as I am?” – I ask myself.

Back home I start analyzing the movie in search for hidden clues and lessons that it was intended to teach, but my mind keeps coming back to that girl and her boyfriend. I remember the soft cloud of hair around her head, her delicate fingers, running through his hair, the subtle sigh of relief they both gave when the movie ended. They were so graceful, so rare, so true in their affection for each other, that no movie could keep my interest. I love life.

Image credit - Unsplash